Quest Requirements: None

Given after: reaching Experience Level 6

In this Quest you will connect with other players, making them your Neighbors, and get bonus Axes for doing so. In addition to Coins and XP, you will receive items only available from Neighbors, such as the BA Flag and Friendship Bracelet. Collect these items by visiting other players' villages once per day, and when you still don't have enough of the item, just send out a request and watch them show up just for the asking!

You can complete this Quest immediately after receiving it, and should do so for the reward of 5 Axes, if nothing else.

Aunty El's VillageEdit

  • Visit Aunty El's Village
  • Collect 4 Gifts

Inviting FriendsEdit

  • Register with Kiwi Community
  • Invite 5 players to be your neighbors. 
  • Hint: Invite 10, the maximum allowed.
  • Reward: 5 Axes!