Quest Requirements: 8 BA Flags

Given after: Friendship Center

In this Quest you build the Brightwood Embassy. Pay attention to the Quest dialogue that tells you the 3 requirements to finish the Building. The box that says you will need 8 BA Flags will also have a button for you to click so you can ask your neighbors to send BA Flags to you as gifts. This costs them nothing, so you will soon have all the flags you need. The only thing that will slow you down will be the daily limit on the number of gifts you can accept. So don't accept gifts just because someone sends you something. Only accept gifts of the type you need for the current Phase of a Quest.

BW InternationalEdit

  • Build Brightwood Embassy
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Cost: 1900

Officially FriendsEdit

  • Finish Brightwood Embassy
  • Hint: Ask Neighbors for the BA Flags you will need
  • Reward: 2 Gold