Quest Requirements: 4 Axes

Given after: Phase 1 of Security Check

This Quest gives you a Cave that you will be told to explore from time to time in order to find certain Quest Special Items. The cave can be explored every time it regenerates, for a cost of 3 Axes. Later the cost is only 2 Axes. This search will always yield 3 Gold and 1000 Coins, but is not the best use of scarce Axes unless you are paying real coin for plenty of them. Wait until a Quest asks you to find something else in the Cave. Then the visit will yield that needed item plus the 3 Gold and 1000 Coins!

Cave Found

  • Search the Forest for Cave
  • Cost: 1 Axe

Cave Divers

  • Explore the Cave
  • Cost: 3 Axes
  • Reward: 3 Gold, 3 Gold and 1000 Coins (6 Gold total)
  • Warning: Exploring the Cave only takes 1 minute, but speeding this up costs 1 Gold, NOT 1 Cheer!