Most Cheats in Brightwood Adventures are in fact bugs, and they don't tend to last long. For example, for about five days in September 2013 all players enjoyed the benefit of a bug where, if you spent Coins or Gold on Buildings, Houses or Decor, then exited the game, when you started the game again your Coins or Gold had been restored. Much to their dismay, no doubt, some found out that this was not true of Coins and Gold spent on other things such as additional neighbor slots or gambling at the Caravan. So with cheats like these, you just have to be alert, and when you notice them, figure out how to take maximum advantage of them before the bug is fixed. Some smart players are now enjoying the benefits of every single Premium House and Building that they could build at their present Experience Level in the game. And they still have all their Coins and Gold.

However, there are a few cheats in the game that are inherent to the design, and so are unlikely to ever disappear.

Known Cheats

Accelerated XP

Cheer is exploitable for the Tent and Igloo to gain accelerated XP

  • These Houses produce 1 Cheer and 1 XP, and take 1 minute to regenerate
  • Speeding up the last minute of anything costs only 1 Cheer
  • By tapping the Tent or Igloo to immediately regenerate, you can average 1 XP per 3-5 seconds
  • The Cheer you just spent is immediately replaced, so there is no loss of Cheer in doing this
  • At 12 XP/min, a diligent person can earn up to 720 XP/hr with this technique

The next best producer of XP is the premium Ice Cream Shop, which earns about 27 XP/hr

Free Dew Drops

  1. Plant 10 Carrots for each Dew Drop you need.
  2. Use 1 Cheer to speed up the harvesting of each Carrot
  3. In a matter of minutes you should have your Dew Drop deficit sorted
  4. The 5 Coins per Carrot harvested could also sort out a Coin deficit in the early game
  5. Since you can store up to 60 Dew Drops, this is a great way to use spare time while waiting for something else to complete

True Confessions

Ok, so none of the above are actually "cheats" in the truest sense of the word. But "Brightwood Adventures Cheats" is the top search on the game in Google, even above "Brightwood Adventures". So this page was added as the only page on the entire Web containing anything resembling an actual cheat. The top ten Google results before this page was created led to not one actually helpful site. The closest is a poorly done Walkthrough of the early game written over a year ago, which is extremely short on helpful advice, much less any cheats.