Contact SupportEdit

The best way is to send an email from in-game. It includes technical information that can be helpful. You can also email support directly. 

From in-game:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Choose "About Kiwi"
  3. Tap the email address


  1. Include the email address associated with your game
  2. Send your message to


  • Always give them as much detail as possible. Tell them anything you have already tried.
  • Don't send multiple issues in one message. They seem to only allow one per support ticket. 
  • If you're mad, don't take it out on support. First, it's not their fault. They didn't design the game, they aren't at fault for bugs, and they didn't cause any losses. They fix lossses and solve problems all day. Second, if you make them angry, and they have to make a judgement call of some sort, it's less likely to go in your favor. That's just human nature. Third, if you're abusive, they would have every right to not help you on that basis. So be civil at the very least.