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The Market acts as a storefront for players of Brightwood Adventures to purchase the various Buildings, Houses, Crops, Trees and Decor items that make up the village. Players can also purchase additional Helpers, and spend real money buying extra Resources, such as Axes, Coins, Gold or Cheer.

Items in the Market can be purchased using Coin, Gold or, in the case of Resources and Special Offers: real money. Upon purchase, a ghost image of the item in question is placed in the village, and can be moved to a suitable location. Once the confirmation button is pressed, the item is purchased and placed in the village.

Decor items can be purchased in multiple quantities at the same time, with each consecutive purchase placed alongside the previous one. All other items can only be purchased and placed one instance at a time.

Note that there is a limit to the number of Houses that can be purchased, this limit is based upon player level and current Happiness Level, if you try and purchase a house when you've reached your limit the game will inform you this is not possible. Premium Houses (ones purchased with Gold) are exempt from this limit.

Once purchased, some items can be stored in the Inventory. Items can also be sold back to the Market for a percentage of their value.

The Market is divided up into several categories, detailed below.

  • Featured - Any sales, discounts and time-limited special offers are listed here
  • Crops - Purchase crops to provide a single-use source of coin
  • Trees - Purchase trees to provide a multiple-use source of coin
  • Buildings - Purchase the various structures that provide Special Items, Coin and XP
  • Craftworks - Purchase special upgradable buildings that allow production of craftable Special Items
  • Houses - Purchase the various structures that Cheer and XP, and also serve as the homes of village Residents
  • Decor - Purchase decorative items to spruce up the village and manage its design and layout
  • Resources - Spend real money to buy in-game currencies
  • Helpers - Spend Gold to buy more village Helpers, to increase production rates and share the workload
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