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  • Have they changed it so the crystals only show up if you hit the Search button on that window, or is it just me?  I still have a crystal with the tab above it (that says 3 Axes) that I never did break the last time they were there.  With this new round, there are no new ones, just the one that is waiting to be broken.  So, is it that I still have one from last time or did they change it so they only appear if/when you hit the Search button?

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    • Or have I stumbled upon a glitch that keeps new crystals from popping up if you touch one to break it, but don't actually break it and leave it there?

      I'm asking about the Search button and/or if you think this is a glitch.

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    • I touched all the crystals so they have the axe tab. Will wait 'til next time and see.

      Lately, I haven't seen buildings move because of the crystals. They used to pile up in a random place, often in an unclaimed (dark) part of the dark forest. I do see residents piled up in the unclaimed forest, but they go back where they belong when I go into move mode. I wonder what happens to people with no clear space. Well, they've improved it, anyway.

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    • Yeah, they changed where they popup a while back.  I remember posting that change on the wiki when it happened.  I don't think you needed to touch all of them, but let me know when it comes back around what happens.  The one I have is not in the way of anything.  Ooh, wait, I'm gonna try to hit the Search button on it before it goes away to see if it pops up more, or not.  That's something else I was wondering if they changed about it anyways.  Either way, I'm glad they made the change too.  That was annoying when it would move crap around.  I don't think I have any inactive neighbors with no empty space, so I have no idea what happens in that case.  Maybe they've made it so they would only pop up if you hit the Search button if you have no empty space, moving the structure(s) where they pop up.  Who knows.

      Survey says... it just moved the screen over to the one I touched last time the Challenge was active.  I'm leaning towards this being a glitch, now.  You should just open all of yours but one and leave it til it comes around again to see if the same thing happens to you.  My guess would be that it will.  I would also venture to say that if I crack mine open and hit the Search button again it will pop up all new ones.  I can live with one sticking around until it gets in the way.

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  • I know you hate it when I ask you to do favors for me, but I'm asking again.  I seem to be having trouble with my blogs keeping the formatting I give it.  When I save it, it goes away.  Specifically, I'm talking about me putting two spaces (spacebar not enter) between like a number and a word, and adding double or even triple spaces (enter not spacebar) to lines that I have a single enter.  Would you please check to see if yours does this too before I send in a bug report to Wikia?  Thanks.

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    • The reason I'm asking is because I was just wondering if you got today's Daily Activity Report for your wiki, if you have created one?

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    • No, haven't started one.

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  • Are you following this conversation:  Thread:4828#20?  I wonder if Kiwi has changed the time of Buildings' ReGeneration time in games that downloaded after a certain date?  Does that make sense?  Meaning, it wouldn't effect games that have already been installed, but would be different for people that start download, install, and start playing after a certain date.  Or, do you think this person's game has some kind of issue and maybe Clearing the Data would fix it?  I'd like your input, if you don't mind.  Thanks!

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  • Would you mind taking a look at my User Profile page to see if it looks any different to you?  I'm working on, possibly, making changes to everyone's Profile pages and would like some input before bringing it to the rest of the wikia.  I think I have it now to where I'm not the only one who can see what changes I have made to my own.  Thanks!

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    • So, you don't see a difference between my Profile page and yours?  Is the box where the info like where you live and stuff smaller on my Profile page?

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    • You may need to Ctrl+F5 a couple times to reset your cache.  Sometimes it takes a few tries for the changes to show up. in general is having problems the past few days.

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  • Hmmm.  I can't seem to find a Quest Series, or Single Quest for that matter, that involves the Kite Shop.  There is one, however, that requires you build the Quad Kites from the Buildings menu in the Market.  But there's no Quad Kites listed in Buildings.  I wonder what the chances are the Kite Shop is the Quad Kites it talks about in the game?  Was wondering if you know of a way to find out for sure?

    Also, I know I'm way late, but Happy belated Bday!

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    • I think Wikia gives you the rights to rename pages you have created.  I could be wrong, but you may want to check to see if Rename is one of the options on the arrow button next to the Edit button on the pages.  If it doesn't allow you to rename any of the pages, just give me a list of the ones you want renamed, and to what, and I'll take care of it.  It's easy enough.  I'm pretty sure deleting pages is the only thing you need Admin rights for.  When you rename temp pages to another temp name, tell it not to redirect the page, and put the old page in the delete category and I'll delete the old pages with the old names.  They won't need to be redirected if they're just temp pages that no one will ever use in the future.

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    • Oh, and it would help if you could at least put one working link on the pages.  That way they don't get automatically added to the Pages with Broken Links, or whatever it's called.  One link on each page won't be such a nightmare in the future.  I see what you're saying, though.

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  • Hi there! I just noticed your comment on my post. Comments don't show up on the Wikia Notifications thing, so I thought I'd respond here. The quest tree you mention, do you have it posted somewhere on the wiki? At this point, I'm not so much creating a tree as I am setting up a way to more quickly find some of the information such as quest dependency. Right now, at least in the information I had copied to work with, the dependency information only had a Quest listed. I've been going through and adding the Quest Series and the number that Quest was in the series, try and make it easier when it's time to start inserting links and such in the Quest Series pages.  I'm also trying to distinguish which Quest Series produce the Quest Structures, include info about what Quests require Purchases, so we can maybe include those in the Market information for Buildings and such.

    I've also been going through and trying to figure out which of these Quest Series are obsolete, a lot of them appear to be from a previous winter season, which seems to have been much more elaborate than the typical LE Quests that we've been getting. By which I mean Quest Structures and Buildings that produced seasonal items, and Craftworks buildings dedicated to using those items. None of those seem to be in the game anymore. I figure I'll identify those ones now, so we can focus on the stuff that currently applies to the game and game play. Does that make sense?

    Anyways, right now I intend to keep going with this project. Eventually, I plan on copy-pasting info into the appropriate pages, and consolidating things. I'm not sure what you've got in the works, but I've pretty much been focusing on organization type stuff, and images (most of which I haven't added yet). Manually editing the information on the wiki is easy enough for me to do, it doesn't require much thought compared to entering the info in the first place. Images are also easy enough for me to gather and edit from the screen shots that I've loaded on my laptop, though I am limited to gathering images from those screen shots that I've been able to take, and the limitations of MS Office and Paint editing wise. I've also been trying to get some ideas for templates and such together, but development on those have been a bit sporatic as I'm not able to really focus on the more mentally involved stuff here at work.

    Anyways, those are my current plans. If I'm stepping on your toes, or overstepping my bounds, please let me know!

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    • LE Quests not included

      Quest Series

      1. A Bobcat's Breakfast
      2. A Bright Idea
      3. A Clean Beating
      4. A Corny Task
      5. A Friendly Gathering
      6. A Penny Saved
      7. A Platant Mistake
      8. A Shoe-In
      9. A Spoonful of Trouble
      10. A Tangy Task
      11. A True Warrior
      12. A Warrior Is Made
      13. Ah-Choo!
      14. An Unexpected Party
      15. Anima Bones
      16. Anima Lanterns
      17. Animals Wanna Have Fun
      18. Another's Treasure
      19. Antiques Shop
      20. Aphid Attack
      21. Apple Butter
      22. Arctic Appetite
      23. As One
      24. Awake for Art
      25. Axing Up
      26. Baa Baa
      27. Basil Garnish
      28. Bat Roads
      29. Be My Candy Gram
      30. Beach Boardwalk
      31. Beach Bums
      32. Beach Clubhouse
      33. Beast Feast
      34. Beck and Call
      35. Bees, Please!
      36. Being Social!
      37. Best Shot
      38. Blades of Greatness
      39. Bland Palate
      40. Blazing Chariots
      41. Blossom Home
      42. Bog Slog
      43. Boggy Discoveries
      44. Boisterous Bonfire
      45. Bones in the Burrow
      46. Bowl of Cherries
      47. Breakfast Inn Bed
      48. Breezin' Bobcat
      49. Brightwood Armada
      50. Brightwood Bistro
      51. Brightwood Embassy
      52. Brilliant Bugs
      53. Broccoli Bonanza
      54. Broccoli Croissants
      55. Brunch with Humphrey
      56. Bubbling Homebrew
      57. Bubbly Party
      58. Burst Your Bubble
      59. Busted!
      60. Cafe! Yay!
      61. Campfire Songs
      62. Candy Cooks
      63. Canopy of Flowers
      64. Caravaning
      65. Carnival Color
      66. Carrot Stew
      67. Catch Me if You Can
      68. Cauldron Style
      69. Cave
      70. Chairman of North Pole
      71. Champion of the Carnival
      72. Cheerio
      73. Citadel View
      74. Clear the Tails
      75. Climb the Spooks
      76. Climb Time!
      77. Cobbler-tastrophe!
      78. Collect Rewards
      79. Come on Inn!
      80. Cooking Stuffs
      81. Cookoff Competition
      82. Cool Beans
      83. Count's Coffin
      84. Crafty Monkey
      85. Crunching Leaves
      86. Dancing Shoes
      87. Dapper Suit
      88. Dark, Dreadful Decorations!
      89. Declaration of Dependence
      90. Den of Solitude
      91. Den of the Dragons
      92. Dirt Clods
      93. Docent Tour
      94. Down With Sweety's Day
      95. Dragon's Den
      96. Dragons of Winter
      97. Drake's Castle
      98. Drawn To The Arts
      99. Dream Journal
      100. Dummy Whacking
      101. Eatza Pizza!
      102. Edible Ribbon
      103. Elbow Room
      104. Enormous Egg
      105. Experienced Worker
      106. Explosions in the Sky
      107. Facebook
      108. Facebook Connect
      109. Facebook Friends!
      110. Fairy Friends
      111. Fairyland
      112. Fall Duties
      113. Famous for Being Famous
      114. Fancy Feast
      115. Feeding Time
      116. Festival of Lounge
      117. Finding Fun
      118. Fire Safety
      119. First Things
      120. Fit For A Queensnake
      121. Fit for Warriors
      122. Flagpole
      123. Flame Matters
      124. Flyweight
      125. Fortified
      126. Freaky Frankenpine
      127. Fresh Fruit Salad
      128. Freshening Up
      129. Friendship Center
      130. Frozen Fun
      131. Frozen King
      132. Fudge Recipe
      133. Fun and Games
      134. Gangnum Hippo
      135. Garden State
      136. Gearing Up
      137. General Needs
      138. Getting Cultured
      139. Ghostly Figures
      140. Giant Nutcracker
      141. Gingerbread Family
      142. Gingery Home
      143. Glamorous Garden
      144. Gleam in the Muck
      145. Gnoman Conquest
      146. Going on Surfari
      147. Gold Rush
      148. Good Neighbors
      149. Goodluck Buildings
      150. Goofing Around
      151. Got the Boogie Fever!
      152. Grand Feast Hall
      153. Grocery Grab
      154. Groovy Grooming
      155. Group Clean Up
      156. Growing Pains
      157. Guest Seating
      158. Gusty Winds
      159. Happy Village
      160. Hard to Hear
      161. Harvest Haul
      162. Have a Heart!
      163. Health Slurp
      164. Hearty Harvest
      165. Here Comes the Carnival!
      166. Hidden Hideaway
      167. High C
      168. Hockey Rink
      169. Holes in Trees
      170. Holiday Express
      171. Holiday Hustle
      172. Holiday Shopping
      173. Holstein Hula
      174. Home
      175. Homecoming Is Where the Heart Is
      176. Horace's Horticulture
      177. Horace's Jungle Juice
      178. Housewarming
      179. Humfrey the Hustler
      180. Humfrey the Tennis Menace
      181. Hungry Skunks, Pizza Shortage!
      182. Ice Cave
      183. Ice Cream Capers
      184. In Kneed
      185. In Memoriam
      186. In the Knight Room
      187. Introductions
      188. Invitation Help
      189. Inviting FB Friends
      190. Joy of Painting
      191. Just Like New
      192. Karate Chop
      193. Kicking Rocks
      194. Kid Power
      195. King's Club
      196. King's Course
      197. Knight Errands
      198. Lady and the Camp
      199. Lamp Lighter
      200. Last Minute Lunch!
      201. Le Pointy Chalet
      202. Lifestyles of the Fairy Famous
      203. Light Rain
      204. Lineka Cove
      205. Lionheart's Treasure
      206. Literally Speaking
      207. Little Bear Lost
      208. Loco for Cocoa
      209. Lonely Howl
      210. Look to the Stars
      211. Lost and Found
      212. Lost Marbles
      213. Love Thy Neighbor
      214. Lucky Stars
      215. Magic Mission
      216. Magician's Retreat
      217. Majestic Garden
      218. Make Lemonade
      219. Mansion for All
      220. Mardi Monkey
      221. Market Day
      222. Message in a Bottle
      223. Milo House
      224. Mirror, Mirror in the Hall
      225. Monkeying Around
      226. Monkeyshines
      227. Moon and Stars
      228. Moon Racing
      229. More Zombie Friends
      230. Mount Kingmore
      231. Move On Up
      232. Muddy Mayhem!
      233. Muddy Mischief
      234. Mummies
      235. Mysterious Caravan
      236. New Creations
      237. New Day, New Recipe
      238. New Year Beauty
      239. Night Vision
      240. Nightshadow Dreams
      241. Nose Job
      242. Nutty by Nature
      243. Oil on Tortilla
      244. Old Monkey, New Sport
      245. On Brightwood Pond
      246. On the Cob
      247. On the Shelf
      248. Orange Bounce
      249. Origami
      250. Out of Season
      251. Paint Pigments
      252. Paint the Town
      253. Painting Portraits
      254. Pajama Party
      255. Paraglider Rider
      256. Parks and Recreation
      257. Pastry Party
      258. Pathology
      259. Peaceful Warrior
      260. Peachy Target
      261. Pencil Statue
      262. Perk Perk Percolate
      263. Pick a Pickle
      264. Picnic Grounds
      265. Picnic Planning
      266. Picture Time
      267. Pie Off
      268. Planning for the Future
      269. Plant and Grow
      270. Playground Dreams
      271. Pool Rules
      272. Popsicle Party
      273. Porcupine Place
      274. Post Some Bills
      275. Pot Luck
      276. Power of Friendship
      277. Practice Makes Perfect
      278. Pretzel Stand!
      279. Prickle Patch
      280. Psypopotamus
      281. Public Library
      282. Puddle Problems
      283. Puddlescape
      284. Puds
      285. Pump It Up
      286. Raise the Roof
      287. Recycling Program
      288. Refresh
      289. Regular Day
      290. Remember the Fair
      291. Renewal
      292. Repeated Running
      293. Rest and Relaxation
      294. Riding Around, Merrily
      295. Rowan's Routine
      296. Royal Ancestry
      297. Rub a Dub Scrub!
      298. Sandtastic Sculptures
      299. Scarebear
      300. Schooling Around
      301. Seal the Deal
      302. Search Party
      303. Secret Recipe
      304. Secret Sauce
      305. Security Check
      306. Setting Up House
      307. Shadow Puppets
      308. Shipyard Secrets
      309. Shortcake Social
      310. Showing Appreciation
      311. Silken Splendor
      312. Ski Vacation!
      313. Skipping Stones
      314. Sky Bridge Overhead
      315. Slaw
      316. Sling It
      317. Slip, Slide, and Splash!
      318. Slippery Slippers
      319. Sloth Shack
      320. Snack of the Day
      321. Snactivity
      322. Sniffing Truffles
      323. Snow Sentries
      324. Snug as a Bug
      325. Soap Box Derby!
      326. Soap Suds
      327. Soaring Prospects
      328. Social Build
      329. Social Level Up @ level 006
      330. Socks
      331. Souffle Dreams
      332. Sound and Fury
      333. Soup du Jour
      334. Space Style
      335. Spook Lights
      336. Spooky Fencing
      337. Spooky Happenings
      338. Spooky House
      339. Spring Band Set
      340. Spring Sweets
      341. Springboat Market
      342. Springtime Fun!
      343. Squashing the Competition
      344. Star Explorer
      345. Stationary Progress
      346. Stay Sharp
      347. Stick Food
      348. Stir Crazy
      349. Stir Fry
      350. Stone Plates and Cheese Wheels
      351. Storage Sled
      352. Strawberry Lemonade
      353. Study Break
      354. Stuffed
      355. Stupendous Snowman
      356. Sturdy Stools
      357. Summer Session
      358. Summer Sojourn
      359. Sun Sport
      360. Supplying the Noodle
      361. Sushi Party
      362. Swan Song
      363. Swing Carousel
      364. Tasty Travels
      365. Tea Time
      366. Teacup Twirlwind!
      367. Technicolor Dream Chair
      368. The Art of Dance
      369. The Axe Maker
      370. The Big Time
      371. The Big Wheel
      372. The Blues
      373. The Brightwood Bruisers
      374. The Costume Shop
      375. The Earth Mother
      376. The King's Gazebo
      377. The King's Retreat
      378. The Kitchen
      379. The More You Know
      380. The Outdoor Grill
      381. The Painted Face
      382. The Pigeon Express
      383. The Play's the Thing
      384. The Prince of Tidepools
      385. The Purples
      386. The Sport of Kings
      387. The Square Affair
      388. The Summit of Love
      389. Thistle While You Work
      390. Thriving Community
      391. Through the Grapevine
      392. Time for Change
      393. Time to Ketchup
      394. Tiresome Training
      395. Tis Better to Give
      396. Tis the Beeson
      397. Tomato, Tomato
      398. Tower of Terror
      399. Traveller's Lodge
      400. Tree of Light
      401. Trolling
      402. Tun of Fun
      403. Tuscan Food, Outback Snacks
      404. Undead Claws
      405. Under Scares
      406. Valley of the Tikis
      407. Veggie Gratin
      408. Veggie Soup
      409. Versatile Vases
      410. Village Al Fresco
      411. Village Pride
      412. Wally Gone Wild
      413. Wally Mays
      414. Wallycise
      415. Warrior Retreat
      416. Warrior Wisdom
      417. Water Park
      418. Water Slides
      419. Weather Watchers
      420. Weekenders
      421. Welcome Bureau
      422. Welcome Wagon
      423. Welcome!
      424. Western Romance
      425. Western Winter
      426. White Snowmobile
      427. Will Play for Food
      428. Wish Pagoda
      429. Working Hard
      430. XOXO
      431. Ye Olde Aromatherapists
      432. Ze Sweet Honey
      433. Zesty Cool
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    • Awesome! Thank you much!

      Edit: started a page for the Master List here.

      Edit 2: Sorry, have another request regarding the quests. I noticed that the text from the Quest Complete! reward screens are missing. Would it be possible/easy to get that text copied?

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  • You should consider putting an AKA on your profile.  Up by your name is where it shows up.  I have one on my page if you want to see how it's laid out and where you need to edit.  I think I've called you everything from Si, Burning, to SB.  Need to let us know which you prefer.  Or, Bob.  Whichever you decide.  ;oP

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    • Don't care what you call me as long as you don't call me late for dinner. But Shirley if you call me Bob I won't know who you mean.

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    • Well, Frank Lee, I understand.

      My only reason for bringing it up is for when other people see all of our posts and see someone named SB and Si and Burning.  They won't know who's who.  I thought if you put it on your User Page it would make it easier for other people to identify who is being talked to and about.  You know, 5 years from now when you and I have moved on to other things 4 1/2 years ago.

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    • Then it's best to use the handle as is: SiBurning

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    • That's what I'm trying to avoid.  I have CB as my AKA.  People know that if they see someone mention CB in a post, it's me they're referring to.  It just gets old typing the whole thing out everytime.  That's what I'm getting at.  I'm going to ask Player (see) to do the same thing.  Even if people don't know right off the bat, they can at least figure it out by the profile pages.

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  • Town_Buildings_(working)#Crystal_Tower

    Just finished building this and it says it's available at Level 10 on your page.  That's not accurate.  I don't know exactly what Level it becomes unlocked, but I know it's a lot higher than 10.  There are a couple other ones that say 10 and 8 that are inaccurate.  Maybe it's pulling info from the wrong place?  Or too much info at one time?  I dunno.  I just thought you should know for the future.  The Crystal Tower is between the Outdoor Art Exhibit and Hotel Overwood.  It costs the same as the Outdoor Art Exhibit, so, I would imagine it's Level 60 for the Crystal Tower.  Is there anyway you can check the db to see what it says specifically for the CT?  If you'd rather email me, that's perfectly fine.

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    • Checking again, it's mostly quest structures that have those small numbers. There's obviously something else going on besides this number, but there's nothing to do but fix it manually.

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    • The Crystal Tower is on the Buildings list, and it's in Buildings in my Market.  I haven't even looked at the Quest Structures, yet.

      Maybe Curious knows what the differences are.  She said she has to double check hers when she pulls it from the SW db before she posts it online.  So, maybe she knows what's causing the discrepancies. It's worth a shot before we start posting things on the Wiki that people, like me (LoL), will start asking questions about and we don't have the answers. At least, maybe, she can point you in the right direction. And it may just be the BA db is more inaccurate than the other games. I'd be willing to bet she knows what's up.

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  • Check out the Happiness Levels page and read the exploits section.  That exploit still works.  Didn't you tell me you were going to build a bunch of Caravan Houses?  You can use that exploit to do it if you don't want to have to buy a bunch of Decor and actually try to max out on Happiness.  Or, if you are maxed out on Happiness, you can still build more than what it allows with the exploit.

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    • Four caravan houses and four murky homes is enough. More would start to look like planned housing. Instead, I'm focusing on getting one of each house first, making a comfortable residential area, and getting more residents wandering around. Also have about 30 houses in the spooky forest. It's good for an extra honey a day.

      The other priority is getting more income producing buildings up. The quest buildings are the best income producers, but it's very slow. They need special items several times. Regular buildings only need special items once, though some depend on the buildings, like the chocolate shop that needs 5 heart boxes from the Tunnel of Love. Anyway, I'm down to only... Only!... 17 buildings under construction. Down from 45.

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