Quest Requirements: 2 Axes

Given after: Thistle While You Work

This Quest will produce a unique Quest Building that will be more useful later in the game. Read This Link to take all the mystery out of the Mysterious Caravan. This Quest takes no waiting time to complete, so you can finish all 4 Phases one right after the other.

If you risk Gold or Axes to complete Phases 3 and 4 of this Quest, and end up with something like 150 Cheer in return, you have no way of recovering your loss. So risk 500 Coins each time, because you can recoup a loss by planting and harvesting Crops. If it wants more than 500 Coins from you, simply exit the Caravan and click on it again. The amount it wants you to risk changes each time.


  • Search the Forest for the Caravan
  • Cost: 2 Axes

Moving the CaravanEdit

  • Move the Caravan

Round and RoundEdit

  • Try your luck at the Caravan
  • Hint: Only risk Coins to complete this Phase. 500 is the minimum

Spin AgainEdit

  • Try your luck again