Quest Requirements: (4) Axes, 30 Wild Honey, 5 Stone Bricks, Experience Level 24

Given after: Phase 1 of Declaration of Dependence

This Quest grinds to a halt at Phase 5, once you have to build the Pickle Shop. You will be nowhere near to achieving Level 24, where the Pickle Shop finally becomes available. And then you will probably pass out when you discover that it requires an obscene 30 Wild Honey to complete! As in, one full month of Wild Honey production just to build this single structure. Hint: Save this Quest for your next lifetime.

Gone with the WindEdit

  • Search the Forest for the Picnic Grounds
  • Cost: 2 Axes

Taking StockEdit

  • Clean the Picnic Grounds
  • Time: 1 hour

Sheet SnaggerEdit

  • Search the Forest for Satin Sheets, and Collect
  • Time: 
  • Cost: 2 Axes

Sheeting ActionEdit

  • Build the Picnic Grounds
  • Time: 3 hours

In a PickleEdit

  • Build the Pickle Shop and Visit once
  • Time: 
  • Cost: 
  • Requires: Level 24, 30 Wild Honey, 5 Stone Bricks

{4 more Phases}Edit