This page is simply a Master List of all known Quest Series, alphabetically by title. This is a work in progress, as the wiki develops further information, such as information on the type of quest and links to pages with more detailed information, will be added to the individual sections. Note that the pages linked may not be up to date, as mentioned elsewhere there is major work being done or to be done on nearly all pages in the wiki.

Simplified Alphabetical List of Quest SeriesEdit

A Simplified version of the rest of the page, which gives each Series or Single its own section. This section is just a List of all Quest Series. This section is more likely to be updated that the following ones due to its simplified nature.

Italicized titles are the final Quest Series in a Branch of the Quest Tree. That is, they open no further Series or Singles upon completion. Series that create Quest Structures have the title followed by the Structure's name in Bold. Addtional notes may be included.

  • Series: A Bobcat's Breakfast
  • Single: A Bright Idea
  • Single: A Clean Beating
  • Single: A Corny Task
  • Series: A Friendly Gathering
  • Single: A Penny Saved
  • Series: A Platant Mistake
  • Single: A Shoe-In
  • Single: A Spoonful of Trouble
  • Single: A Tangy Task
  • ?? A True Warrior (Structure: Warrior's Tent)
  • Series: A Warrior Is Made (Structure: Dojo and Structure: Vulture Volcano)
  • Series: Ah-Choo! (linked page title missing the ! mark
  • Series: An Unexpected Party (Structure: Ballroom)
  • Single: Anima Bones
  • Single: Anima Lanterns (in Spooky)
  • Series: Animals Wanna Have Fun (Structure: Portal Island and Sandy *Structure: Sand Castle)
  • Series: Another's Treasure
  • Single: Antiques Shop
  • Single: Aphid Attack
  • Single: Apple Butter
  • Series: Arctic Appetite (Structure: Wonderland Restaurant)
  • Series: As One
  • Series: Awake for Art
  • Series: Axing Up
  • Series: Baa Baa
  • Single: Basil Garnish
  • Single: Bat Roads
  • Series: Be My Candy Gram (Structure: Candy Gram Circle)
  • Series: Beach Boardwalk (Sandy Structure: BA Boardwalk)
  • Series: Series: Beach Bums (Structure: Beach Lounger)(not in Sandy, despite name)
  • Series: Beach Clubhouse (Sandy Structure: Beach Club House)
  • Series: Beast Feast
  • Series: Beck and Call
  • Series: Bees, Please! (Structure: Apiaries)
  • ?? Series: Being Social! (linked page title missing the ! mark)
  • Series: Best Shot
  • Series: Blades of Greatness
  • Series: Bland Palate
  • Series: Blazing Chariots
  • Single: Blossom Home
  • Series: Bog Slog (Structure: Bog)
  • Series: Boggy Discoveries
  • ?? Series: Boisterous Bonfire
  • Series: Bones in the Burrow
  • Series: Bowl of Cherries
  • Series: Breakfast Inn Bed
  • Series: Breezin' Bobcat
  • Series: Brightwood Armada (Sandy Structure: Spring Boat)
  • Series: Brightwood Bistro
  • Series: Brightwood Embassy
  • Series: Brilliant Bugs
  • Single: Broccoli Bonanza
  • Single: Broccoli Croissants
  • Series: Brunch with Humphrey
  • Series: Bubbling Homebrew (Spooky Structure: Tub of Bubbling Brew)
  • ?? Bubbly Party
  • ?? Burst Your Bubble
  • Single: Busted!
  • Series: Cafe! Yay!
  • ?? Campfire Songs
  • Series: Candy Cooks
  • Single: Canopy of Flowers
  • Single: Caravaning
  • Series: Carnival Color (Structure: Face Paint Pavilion)
  • Single: Carrot Stew
  • Series: Catch Me if You Can
  • Single: Cauldron Style
  • Series: Cave (Structure: Cave)
  • Single: Chairman of North Pole
  • Series: Champion of the Carnival
  • Single: Cheerio
  • Series: Citadel View (Structure: Quarry and Structure: Citadel)
  • Single: Clear the Tails
  • Single: Climb the Spooks
  • Series: Climb Time! (Structure: Rock Climbing Wall)(linked page title missing the ! mark)
  • Single: Cobbler-tastrophe!
  • ?? Collect Rewards
  • Series: Come on Inn!
  • Series: Cooking Stuffs
  • Series: Cookoff Competition
  • Series: Cool Beans (Structure: Giant Beanstalk)
  • Single: Count's Coffin
  • Series: Crafty Monkey
  • Single: Crunching Leaves
  • Single: Dancing Shoes
  • Single: Dapper Suit
  • Series: Dark, Dreadful Decorations!
  • Series: Declaration of Dependence (Snowy Structure: Declaration of Love)
  • Single: Den of Solitude
  • Series: Den of the Dragons (Structure: Dragon's Den)(not same as Dragon Den! May have been intended to be Water Dragon's Den)
  • Series: Dirt Clods
  • Single: Docent Tour
  • ?? Down With Sweety's Day
  • Series: Dragon's Den (Structure: Dragon Den)(not same as Dragon's Den!)
  • Series: Dragons of Winter (Structure: Snow Dragon Den)(not in Snowy, despite name)
  • Series: Drake's Castle (Spooky Structure: Drake's Castle)
  • ?? Drawn To The Arts
  • ?? Dream Journal
  • Series: Dummy Whacking (Structure: Practice Zone)
  • Series: Eatza Pizza! (linked page title missing the ! mark)
  • Single: Edible Ribbon
  • Series: Elbow Room
  • Series: Enormous Egg (Structure: Giant Egg)
  • Single: Experienced Worker
  • Series: Explosions in the Sky (Structure: Fireworks Garden)
  • ?? Facebook
  • ?? Facebook Connect
  • ?? Facebook Friends!
  • Series: Fairy Friends (Structure: Fairy Ring)
  • Series: Fairyland
  • Series: Fall Duties
  • Series: Famous for Being Famous
  • Single: Fancy Feast
  • ?? Feeding Time
  • Single: Festival of Lounge
  • Series: Finding Fun
  • Series: Fire Safety
  • Single: First Things
  • ?? Fit For A Queensnake
  • Series: Fit for Warriors (Structure: King's Spring)
  • Single: Flagpole
  • Series: Flame Matters
  • Single: Flyweight
  • Series: Fortified (Structure: Fort)
  • ?? Freaky Frankenpine
  • Single: Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Single: Freshening Up
  • Series: Friendship Center
  • Single: Frozen Fun
  • Series: Frozen King (Snowy Structure: King Lionheart)
  • ?? Fudge Recipe
  • Series: Fun and Games (Structure: Arena)
  • ?? Gangnum Hippo
  • Series: Garden State (Structure: Romantic Garden)
  • Series: Gearing Up (Structure: Greasy Bike Shop)
  • Single: General Needs
  • Series: Getting Cultured
  • Single: Ghostly Figures (in Spooky)
  • Single: Giant Nutcracker
  • Single: Gingerbread Family
  • Series: Gingery Home (Structure: Gingerbread House)
  • Series: Glamorous Garden (Structure: Tulip Garden)
  • Single: Gleam in the Muck
  • Series: Gnoman Conquest
  • Series: Going on Surfari (Sandy Structure: Surf Shack)
  • Single: Gold Rush
  • Single: Good Neighbors
  • Single: Goodluck Buildings
  • Series: Goofing Around
  • Series: Got the Boogie Fever!
  • Series: Grand Feast Hall
  • Single: Grocery Grab
  • Single: Groovy Grooming
  • Single: Group Clean Up
  • Series: Growing Pains
  • Single: Guest Seating
  • Series: Gusty Winds
  • Series: Happy Village
  • Single: Hard to Hear
  • Series: Harvest Haul (Structure: Harvest Wagon)
  • Single: Have a Heart!
  • Single: Health Slurp
  • Single: Hearty Harvest
  • Series: Here Comes the Carnival! (Structure: Carnival Promenade)
  • Series: Hidden Hideaway (Structure: Hangout Spot)
  • Single: High C
  • Series: Hockey Rink (Snowy Structure: Hockey Rink)
  • Single: Holes in Trees
  • Series: Holiday Express (Structure: Holiday Express)
  • Series: Holiday Hustle
  • Series: Holiday Shopping
  • Series: Holstein Hula (Sandy Structure: Luau Stage)
  • Series: Home (page of same name, but is the wiki's homepage)
  • Series: Homecoming Is Where the Heart Is (Structure: Homecoming Hall)
  • Series: Horace's Horticulture
  • Series: Horace's Jungle Juice
  • ?? Housewarming
  • Series: Humfrey the Hustler
  • Series: Humfrey the Tennis Menace (Structure: Tennis Club)
  • Series: Hungry Skunks, Pizza Shortage!
  • Series: Ice Cave (Snowy Structure: Ice Cave)
  • Series: Ice Cream Capers
  • Single: In Kneed
  • Single: In Memoriam
  • Series: In the Knight Room (Structure: Knight's Hall)
  • Single: Introductions
  • Series: Invitation Help
  • ?? Inviting FB Friends
  • Series: Joy of Painting
  • Series: Just Like New
  • Single: Karate Chop
  • Single: Kicking Rocks
  • Series: Kid Power
  • Series: King's Club (Structure: Lionheart Club)
  • Series: King's Course (Structure: Brightwood Club
  • ?? Series: Knight Errands (Structure: Training Yard)
  • Series: Lady and the Camp (Snowy Structure: Camp Site)
  • Single: Lamp Lighter
  • Series: Last Minute Lunch!
  • Single: Le Pointy Chalet
  • Series: Life, Liberty, and Lions (Structure: Liberty Lion Statue) (may have been LE or previously Obsolete quest?)
  • Series: Lifestyles of the Fairy Famous (Structure: Fairy Palace)
  • Single: Light Rain
  • Series: Lineka Cove (Sandy Structure: Snorkel Hut)
  • Series: Lionheart's Treasure (Structure: Grand Hall)
  • Single: Literally Speaking
  • Series: Little Bear Lost (Snowy Structure: Polar Bear)
  • Single: Loco for Cocoa
  • Series: Lonely Howl (Helper: Humfrey)
  • Series: Look to the Stars (Structure: Telescope)
  • ?? Lost and Found
  • Single: Lost Marbles
  • Series: Love Thy Neighbor
  • Series: Lucky Stars (Structure: Space Laboratory)
  • ?? Magic Mission
  • ?? Magician's Retreat
  • Series: Majestic Garden (Structure: Majestic Garden)
  • Single: Make Lemonade
  • Single: Mansion for All
  • Single: Mardi Monkey
  • Single: Market Day
  • Series: Message in a Bottle (Sandy Structure: Bottled Circle)
  • Single: Milo House
  • Series: Mirror, Mirror in the Hall (Structure: Hall of Mirrors)
  • Series: Monkeying Around
  • Series: Monkeyshines
  • Single: Moon and Stars
  • Series: Moon Racing (Snowy Structure: Bobsled Track)
  • Single: More Zombie Friends
  • Series: Mount Kingmore (Structure: Mt. Kingmore)
  • Single: Move On Up
  • Series: Muddy Mayhem! (Structure: Mud Slide)
  • Single: Muddy Mischief
  • Single: Mummies (in Spooky)
  • Series: Mysterious Caravan (Structure: Caravan)
  • Series: New Creations
  • Series: New Day, New Recipe
  • Series: New Year Beauty
  • Single: Night Vision
  • ?? Nightshadow Dreams
  • Series: Nose Job (involves Structure: King Lionheart Statue)
  • Series: Nutty by Nature
  • Series: Oil on Tortilla
  • Series: Old Monkey, New Sport (Structure: Jai Alai Court)
  • Series: On Brightwood Pond (Structure: Spring Pond)
  • Single: On the Cob
  • Series: On the Shelf
  • Series: Orange Bounce (Structure: Portal Haunted, Spooky Helper: Frankenpine and Spooky Structure: Orange Bounce)
  • Single: Origami
  • Series: Out of Season
  • Single: Paint Pigments
  • ?? Paint the Town
  • Series: Painting Portraits
  • Single: Pajama Party
  • Series: Paraglider Rider (Structure: Paraglider Park)
  • Single: Parks and Recreation
  • Single: Pastry Party
  • Single: Pathology
  • Single: Peaceful Warrior
  • Series: Peachy Target
  • Single: Pencil Statue
  • Single: Perk Perk Percolate
  • Single: Pick a Pickle
  • Series: Picnic Grounds (Structure: Community Picnic)
  • Series: Picnic Planning
  • Single: Picture Time
  • Series: Pie Off
  • Single: Planning for the Future
  • Series: Plant and Grow
  • Series: Playground Dreams (Structure: Sandy Foundation??? playground of sorts?)
  • Series: Pool Rules
  • Series: Popsicle Party
  • Single: Porcupine Place
  • Series: Post Some Bills
  • Series: Pot Luck
  • Single: Power of Friendship
  • Series: Practice Makes Perfect
  • Single: Pretzel Stand!
  • Single: Prickle Patch
  • ??? Series: Psypopotamus (Structure: Club House ???)
  • Series: Public Library
  • Single: Puddle Problems
  • Single: Puddlescape
  • Single: Puds
  • Single: Pump It Up
  • ?? Raise the Roof
  • Series: Recycling Program
  • Series: Refresh
  • Series: Regular Day
  • Series: Remember the Fair
  • Series: Renewal
  • Single: Repeated Running
  • Series: Rest and Relaxation
  • Series: Riding Around, Merrily (Snowy Structure: Merry Ground)
  • Series: Rowan's Routine
  • Series: Royal Ancestry (Structure: Portal Snowy and Snowy Structure: Ice Griffin)
  • Series: Rub a Dub Scrub! (Structure: Laundry Lawn)
  • Series: Sandtastic Sculptures (Sandy Structure: Sculpture Garden)
  • Series: Scarebear (Structure: Scarebear)
  • Series: Schooling Around
  • Single: Seal the Deal
  • Single: Search Party (First Quest in game!)
  • Series: Secret Recipe
  • Single: Secret Sauce
  • Series: Security Check (Structure: Boulders and Structure: Woody Trees)
  • Single: Setting Up House
  • Series: Shadow Puppets
  • Series: Shipyard Secrets (Structure: Royal Shipyard)
  • Series: Shortcake Social
  • Single: Showing Appreciation
  • Series: Silken Splendor (Spooky Structure: Cobweb Bouquet)
  • Series: Ski Vacation! (Snowy Structure: Snow Ski Hill)
  • Single: Skipping Stones
  • Series: Sky Bridge Overhead (Structure: Sky Bridge)
  • Single: Slaw
  • Series: Sling It
  • Single: Slip, Slide, and Splash!
  • Series: Slippery Slippers
  • Single: Sloth Shack
  • Single: Snack of the Day
  • Series: Snactivity
  • Series: Sniffing Truffles (Structure: Truffle Orchard)
  • Series: Snow Sentries (Snowy Structure: Snow Guardians)
  • Single: Snug as a Bug
  • Series: Soap Box Derby! (Structure: Soap Box Car)
  • Single: Soap Suds
  • Series: Soaring Prospects
  • ?? Social Build
  • ?? Social (Level Up @ level 006)
  • Series: Socks
  • Single: Souffle Dreams
  • Single: Sound and Fury
  • Single: Soup du Jour
  • Single: Space Style
  • Single: Spook Lights (in Spooky)
  • Single: Spooky Fencing (in Spooky)
  • Series: Spooky Happenings
  • Single: Spooky House (in Spooky)
  • Series: Spring Band Set (Structure: Spring Band Set)
  • Series: Spring Sweets (Structure: Spring Candy Shop)
  • Series: Springboat Market (Sandy Structure: Springboat Market)
  • Series: Springtime Fun!
  • Series: Squashing the Competition (Structure: Squash Court)
  • Series: Star Explorer (Structure: Star Explorer)
  • Single: Stationary Progress
  • Single: Stay Sharp
  • Single: Stick Food
  • Series: Stir Crazy
  • Single: Stir Fry
  • Series: Stone Plates and Cheese Wheels
  • Single: Storage Sled
  • Single: Strawberry Lemonade
  • Series: Study Break
  • Single: Stuffed
  • Series: Stupendous Snowman (Structure: Holiday Snowman)
  • Single: Sturdy Stools
  • Series: Summer Session
  • Series: Summer Sojourn (Sandy Structure: Summer Home)
  • Series: Sun Sport (Sandy Structure: Beach Volleyball)
  • Single: Supplying the Noodle
  • Series: Sushi Party
  • Single: Swan Song
  • Series: Swing Carousel (Structure: Swing Carousel)
  • Series: Tasty Travels
  • ?? Series: Tea Time
  • Series: Teacup Twirlwind! (Structure: Teacup Tornado Ride)
  • Series: Technicolor Dream Chair (Sandy Structure: Rainbow Chair)
  • Series: The Art of Dance (Structure: Ballet Studio)
  • Series: The Axe Maker (Structure: Axe Generator)
  • Series: The Big Time (Structure: Big Brightwood)
  • Single: The Big Wheel
  • Single: The Blues
  • Series: The Brightwood Bruisers (Structure: Football Field)
  • Series: The Costume Shop
  • Series: The Earth Mother (Structure: Earth Mother)
  • Series: The Kings Gazebo (Structure: Romantic Gazebo) (linked page title missing the ' mark, should be King's)
  • Series: The King's Retreat (Structure: Secret Spot)
  • Series: The Kitchen
  • Single: The More You Know
  • Series: The Outdoor Grill (Structure: Outdoor Grill)
  • Series: The Painted Face
  • Series: The Pigeon Express (Structure: Pigeon Post Office)
  • Series: The Play's the Thing
  • Series: The Prince of Tidepools (Sandy Structure: Tropical Tidepools)
  • Single: The Purples
  • Series: The Sport of Kings (Structure: Garden Chessboard)
  • Series: The Square Affair (Structure: Shamrock Square)
  • Series: The Summit of Love (Snowy Structure: Love Mountain)
  • Series: Thistle While You Work (Structure: Giant Thistle)
  • Series: Thriving Community
  • Single: Through the Grapevine
  • Series: Time for Change
  • Single: Time to Ketchup
  • Series: Tiresome Training
  • Series: Tis Better to Give (Structure: Train Set)
  • Single: Tis the Beeson
  • Single: Tomato, Tomato
  • Series: Tower of Terror (Spooky Structure: Tower of Terror)
  • Series: Travellers Lodge (linked page title missing the ' mark, should be Traveller's)
  • Single: Tree of Light
  • Series: Trolling
  • Series: Tun of Fun (Structure: Tunnel of Love)
  • Series: Tuscan Food, Outback Snacks
  • Single: Undead Claws (in Spooky)
  • Single: Under Scares (in Spooky)
  • Series: Valley of the Tikis (Structure: Tiki Statuary)
  • Single: Veggie Gratin
  • Single: Veggie Soup
  • Series: Versatile Vases
  • Series: Village Al Fresco
  • Single: Village Pride
  • Series: Wally Gone Wild
  • Series: Wally Mays
  • Series: Wallycise
  • Series: Warrior Retreat
  • Series: Warrior Wisdom (Structure: Bonsai Temple)
  • Single: Water Park
  • Single: Water Slides
  • Series: Weather Watchers (Structure: Weather Station)
  • Series: Weekenders
  • Series: Welcome Bureau (Structure: Welcome Bureau)
  • Single: Welcome Wagon
  • ?? Welcome!
  • ?? Western Romance
  • Series: Western Winter
  • Series: White Snowmobile (Snowy Structure: Snow Mobile)
  • Series: Will Play for Food
  • Single: Wish Pagoda
  • Series: Working Hard
  • Single: XOXO
  • Series: Ye Olde Aromatherapists
  • Series: Ze Sweet Honey (Helper: Chef Horace and Structure: Beehive)
  • Single: Zesty Cool

A Bobcat's BreakfastEdit

A Bright IdeaEdit

A Clean BeatingEdit

A Corny TaskEdit

A Friendly GatheringEdit

A Penny SavedEdit

A Platant MistakeEdit

A Shoe-InEdit

A Spoonful of TroubleEdit

A Tangy TaskEdit

A True WarriorEdit

Structure: Warrior's Tent

A Warrior Is MadeEdit

Structure: Dojo (also Vulture Volcano)


linked page title missing the ! mark

An Unexpected PartyEdit

Structure: Ballroom

Anima BonesEdit

Anima LanternsEdit

Animals Wanna Have FunEdit

Sandy Structure: Sand Castle

Another's TreasureEdit

Antiques ShopEdit

Aphid AttackEdit

Apple ButterEdit

Arctic AppetiteEdit

As OneEdit

Awake for ArtEdit

Axing UpEdit

Baa BaaEdit

Basil GarnishEdit

Bat RoadsEdit

Be My Candy GramEdit

Structure: Candy Gram Circle

Beach BoardwalkEdit

Sandy Structure: BA Boardwalk

Beach BumsEdit

Structure: Beach Lounger

Beach ClubhouseEdit

Sandy Structure: Beach Clubhouse

Beast FeastEdit

Beck and CallEdit

Bees, Please!Edit

Structure: Apiaries

Being Social!Edit

linked page title missing the ! mark

Best ShotEdit

Blades of GreatnessEdit

Bland PalateEdit

Blazing ChariotsEdit

Blossom HomeEdit

Bog SlogEdit

Boggy DiscoveriesEdit

Boisterous BonfireEdit

Bones in the BurrowEdit

Bowl of CherriesEdit

Breakfast Inn BedEdit

Breezin' BobcatEdit

Brightwood ArmadaEdit

Sandy Structure: Spring Boat

Brightwood BistroEdit

Brightwood EmbassyEdit

Brilliant BugsEdit

Broccoli BonanzaEdit

Broccoli CroissantsEdit

Brunch with HumphreyEdit

Bubbling HomebrewEdit

Spooky Structure: Tub of Bubbling Brew

Bubbly PartyEdit

Burst Your BubbleEdit


Cafe! Yay!Edit

Campfire SongsEdit

Candy CooksEdit

Canopy of FlowersEdit


Carnival ColorEdit

Carrot StewEdit

Catch Me if You CanEdit

Cauldron StyleEdit


Chairman of North PoleEdit

Champion of the CarnivalEdit


Citadel ViewEdit

Clear the TailsEdit

Climb the SpooksEdit

Climb Time!Edit

linked page title missing the ! mark Structure: Rock Climbing Wall


Collect RewardsEdit

Come on Inn!Edit

Cooking StuffsEdit

Cookoff CompetitionEdit

Cool BeansEdit

Structure: Giant Beanstalk

Count's CoffinEdit

Crafty MonkeyEdit

Crunching LeavesEdit

Dancing ShoesEdit

Dapper SuitEdit

Dark, Dreadful Decorations!Edit

Declaration of DependenceEdit

Snowy Structure: Declaration of Love

Den of SolitudeEdit

Den of the DragonsEdit

Structure: Dragon's Den (not same as Dragon Den)

Dirt ClodsEdit

Docent TourEdit

Down With Sweety's DayEdit

Dragon's DenEdit

Structure: Dragon Den (not same as Dragon's Den!)

Dragons of WinterEdit

Structure: Snow Dragon Den

Drake's CastleEdit

Spooky Structure: Drake's Castle

Drawn To The ArtsEdit

Dream JournalEdit

Dummy WhackingEdit

Eatza Pizza!Edit

linked page title missing the ! mark

Edible RibbonEdit

Elbow RoomEdit

Enormous EggEdit

Structure: Giant Egg

Experienced WorkerEdit

Explosions in the SkyEdit


Facebook ConnectEdit

Facebook Friends!Edit

Fairy FriendsEdit

Structure: Fairy Ring


Fall DutiesEdit

Famous for Being FamousEdit

Fancy FeastEdit

Feeding TimeEdit

Festival of LoungeEdit

Finding FunEdit

Fire SafetyEdit

First ThingsEdit

Fit For A QueensnakeEdit

Fit for WarriorsEdit


Flame MattersEdit



Structure: Fort

Freaky FrankenpineEdit

Fresh Fruit SaladEdit

Freshening UpEdit

Friendship CenterEdit

Frozen FunEdit

Frozen KingEdit

Snowy Structure: King Lionheart

Fudge RecipeEdit

Fun and GamesEdit

Structure: Arena

Gangnum HippoEdit

Garden StateEdit

Structure: Romantic Garden

Gearing UpEdit

General NeedsEdit

Getting CulturedEdit

Ghostly FiguresEdit

Giant NutcrackerEdit

Gingerbread FamilyEdit

Gingery HomeEdit

Glamorous GardenEdit

Structure: Tulip Garden

Gleam in the MuckEdit

Gnoman ConquestEdit

Going on SurfariEdit

Sandy Structure: Surf Shack

Gold RushEdit

Good NeighborsEdit

Goodluck BuildingsEdit

Goofing AroundEdit

Got the Boogie Fever!Edit

Grand Feast HallEdit

Grocery GrabEdit

Groovy GroomingEdit

Group Clean UpEdit

Growing PainsEdit

Guest SeatingEdit

Gusty WindsEdit

Happy VillageEdit

Hard to HearEdit

Harvest HaulEdit

Structure: Harvest Wagon

Have a Heart!Edit

Health SlurpEdit

Hearty HarvestEdit

Here Comes the Carnival!Edit

Hidden HideawayEdit

Structure: Hangout Spot

High CEdit

Hockey RinkEdit

Snowy Structure: Hockey Rink

Holes in TreesEdit

Holiday ExpressEdit

Holiday HustleEdit

Holiday ShoppingEdit

Holstein HulaEdit

Sandy Structure: Luau Stage


page of same name, but is the wiki's homepage

Homecoming Is Where the Heart IsEdit

Structure: Homecoming Hall

Horace's HorticultureEdit

Horace's Jungle JuiceEdit


Humfrey the HustlerEdit

Humfrey the Tennis MenaceEdit

Structure: Tennis Club

Hungry Skunks, Pizza Shortage!Edit

Ice CaveEdit

Snowy Structure: Ice Cave

Ice Cream CapersEdit

In KneedEdit

In MemoriamEdit

In the Knight RoomEdit

Structure: Knight's Hall


Invitation HelpEdit

Inviting FB FriendsEdit

Joy of PaintingEdit

Just Like NewEdit

Karate ChopEdit

Kicking RocksEdit

Kid PowerEdit

King's ClubEdit

Structure: Lionheart Club

King's CourseEdit

Structure: Brightwood Club

Knight ErrandsEdit

Structure: Training Yard

Lady and the CampEdit

Snowy Structure: Camp Site

Lamp LighterEdit

Last Minute Lunch!Edit

Le Pointy ChaletEdit

Life, Liberty, and LionsEdit

Structure: Liberty Lion Statue (LE or previously Obsolete quest?)

Lifestyles of the Fairy FamousEdit

Structure: Fairy Palace

Light RainEdit

Lineka CoveEdit

Lionheart's TreasureEdit

Structure: Grand Hall

Literally SpeakingEdit

Little Bear LostEdit

Loco for CocoaEdit

Lonely HowlEdit

Unlocks Helper - Humfrey

Look to the StarsEdit

Lost and FoundEdit

Lost MarblesEdit

Love Thy NeighborEdit

Lucky StarsEdit

Magic MissionEdit

Magician's RetreatEdit

Majestic GardenEdit

Make LemonadeEdit

Mansion for AllEdit

Mardi MonkeyEdit

Market DayEdit

Message in a BottleEdit

Sandy Structure: Bottled Circle

Milo HouseEdit

Mirror, Mirror in the HallEdit

Monkeying AroundEdit


Moon and StarsEdit

Moon RacingEdit

More Zombie FriendsEdit

Mount KingmoreEdit

Move On UpEdit

Muddy Mayhem!Edit

Muddy MischiefEdit


Mysterious CaravanEdit

New CreationsEdit

New Day, New RecipeEdit

New Year BeautyEdit

Night VisionEdit

Nightshadow Dreams 12 phases Edit

Nose JobEdit

Nutty by NatureEdit

Oil on TortillaEdit

Old Monkey, New SportEdit

On Brightwood PondEdit

On the CobEdit

On the ShelfEdit

Orange BounceEdit


Out of SeasonEdit

Paint PigmentsEdit

Paint the TownEdit

Painting PortraitsEdit

Pajama PartyEdit

Paraglider RiderEdit

Parks and RecreationEdit

Pastry PartyEdit


Peaceful WarriorEdit

Peachy TargetEdit

Pencil StatueEdit

Perk Perk PercolateEdit

Pick a PickleEdit

Picnic GroundsEdit

Picnic PlanningEdit

Picture TimeEdit

Pie OffEdit

Planning for the FutureEdit

Plant and GrowEdit

Playground DreamsEdit

Pool RulesEdit

Popsicle PartyEdit

Porcupine PlaceEdit

Post Some BillsEdit

Pot LuckEdit

Power of FriendshipEdit

Practice Makes PerfectEdit

Pretzel Stand!Edit

Prickle PatchEdit


Public LibraryEdit

Puddle ProblemsEdit



Pump It UpEdit

Raise the RoofEdit

Recycling ProgramEdit


Regular DayEdit

Remember the FairEdit


Repeated RunningEdit

Rest and RelaxationEdit

Riding Around, MerrilyEdit

Rowan's RoutineEdit

Royal AncestryEdit

Rub a Dub Scrub!Edit

Sandtastic SculpturesEdit


Schooling AroundEdit

Seal the DealEdit

Search PartyEdit

Secret RecipeEdit

Secret SauceEdit

Security CheckEdit

Setting Up HouseEdit

Shadow PuppetsEdit

Shipyard SecretsEdit

Shortcake SocialEdit

Showing AppreciationEdit

Silken SplendorEdit

Ski Vacation!Edit

Skipping StonesEdit

Sky Bridge OverheadEdit


Sling ItEdit

Slip, Slide, and Splash!Edit

Slippery SlippersEdit

Sloth ShackEdit

Snack of the DayEdit


Sniffing TrufflesEdit

Snow SentriesEdit

Snug as a BugEdit

Soap Box Derby!Edit

Soap SudsEdit

Soaring ProspectsEdit

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linked page title missing the ' mark, should be Traveller's

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