This page is simply a Master List of all known Quest Structures, alphabetically by title. Titles of the associated Quest Series should be listed within the appropriate section. This is a work in progress, as the wiki develops further information, such as information on the type of Structure and links to pages with more detailed information, will be added to the individual sections. Note that the pages linked may not be up to date, as mentioned elsewhere there is major work being done or to be done on nearly all pages in the wiki.

At this point in time, information simply copy-pasted from Quest Buildings with some information omitted. Note that many of those Structures may be Obsolete.

Note: all of the following Structures listed before the noted copy paste section are confirmed as current (i.e. I have obtained them) at some point between period July 2013 through now (April 2014) player2start

Sandy StructuresEdit

BA BoardwalkEdit

Beach Club HouseEdit

Beach VolleyballEdit

Bottled CircleEdit

Luau StageEdit

Rainbow ChairEdit

Sand CastleEdit

Sculpture GardenEdit

Snorkel HutEdit

Spring BoatEdit

Spring Boat MarketEdit

Summer HomeEdit

Surf ShackEdit

Tropical TidepoolsEdit

Snowy StructuresEdit

Bobsled TrackEdit

Camp SiteEdit

Declaration of DependenceEdit

Hockey RinkEdit

Ice CaveEdit

Ice GriffinEdit

Lion HeartEdit

Love MountainEdit

Merry GroundEdit

Snow MobileEdit

Spooky StructuresEdit

Cobweb BouquetEdit

Drake's CastleEdit

Pumpkin BounceEdit

Tower of TerrorEdit

Tub of Bubbling BrewEdit

Forest StructuresEdit

Apiaries Edit

Arena Edit

Axe Generator Edit

Ballet Studio Edit

Ballroom Edit

Beach Lounger Edit

Beanstalk Edit

Beehive Edit

Bog Edit

Bonsai Temple Edit

Boulders Edit

Brightwood Club Edit

Bubblegum Hut Edit

Candy Gram Circle Edit

Caravan Edit

Cave Edit

Citadel Edit

Community Picnic Edit

Deepwood Gazebo Edit

Detective Agency (LE???) Edit

Not certain this isn't an LE, built it at the very beginning of my game before I knew much about LE and such. player2start

Dojo Edit

Dragon Den Edit

Dragon's Den Edit

Evening Tree Edit

Fairy Palace Edit

Fairy Ring Edit

Football Field Edit

Fort Edit

Garden Chessboard Edit

Giant Egg Edit

Giant Thistle Edit

Grand Hall Edit

Greasy Bike Shop Edit

Hangout Spot Edit

Harvest Wagon Edit

Homecoming Hall Edit

Jai Alai Court Edit

Knight's Hall Edit

Laundry Lawn Edit

Lion Statue Edit

Lionheart Club Edit

Magic Library Edit

Mt. Kingmore Edit

Mud Slide Edit

Outdoor Grill Edit

Pigeon Post Office Edit

Pinata Tree Edit

Quarry Edit

Rock Climbing Wall Edit

Romantic Garden Edit

Romantic Gazebo Edit

Rose Garden Edit

Royal Shipyard Edit

Scarebear Edit

Secret Spot Edit

Shamrock Square Edit

Sky Bridge Edit

Snow Dragon Lair Edit

Soap Derby Car Edit

Spring Band Set Edit

Spring Candy Store Edit

Spring Pond Edit

Super Squash Court Edit

Swing Carousel Edit

Tennis Club Edit

Tiki Statuary Edit

Town Firepit Edit

Training Yard Edit

Tulip Garden Edit

Tunnel of Love Edit

Vulture Volcano Edit

Warrior Tent Edit

Weather Station Edit

Woody Trees Edit


start of copy-pasteEdit

For buildings in Snowy Hills and Spook Row, see their respective pages.

See also: Quests, Limited Quests, Special Items, Quest Special Items

All Quest Buildings fall into one of five categories: Generators, Buildings, Instant, Pay to Harvest, and Decor) which describes their behavior in terms of game mechanics.

Generators Edit

These structures behave similarly to Trees, in that they take time to Harvest, and always yield Special Items.

Boulder Edit

Boulders last

Woody Trees Edit

Epictreedebris last

Giant Thistle Edit

Thistle last

Beanstalk Edit

Beanstalk last

Beehive Edit

Beehive last

Quarry Edit

Quarry last

Axe Generator Edit

AxeGenerator last

Magic Tree Edit

Magic pulsing tree last

Buildings Edit

These structures behave similarly to Buildings, in that they usually produce Coins and XP, may intermittently produce materials, and must be Harvested by an available Helper (but only require 2 seconds of Harvest time).

Harvest Wagon Edit

Harvest wagon last

Citadel Edit

Citadel last

Fairy Ring Edit

Fairyring last

Grand Hall Edit

Grand hall last

The Grand Arc Edit


Haybale Maze Edit

Haybale maze last

Window of Fall Edit

Window of fall last

Warrior Ring Edit

Warrior ring last

Warrior Cage Edit

Warrior cage last

Brightwood TimesEdit

Brightwoodtimes last

Fire Tower Edit

Firetower last

Fountain of Elements Edit

Elementfountain market

Ghost Hollow Edit

Ghosthollow last

Mad Laboratory Edit

Madlab last

Repository Edit

Lionheartrepository last

Meteor Edit

Meteor last

Dojo Edit

Dojo last

Instant Edit

These special structures behave similarly to buildings, but can be instantly Harvested by the player, rather than by a village Helper.

Fort Edit

New fort last

Dragon Den Edit

Dragonden last

Totem Pole Edit

Totem last

Truffle Orchard Edit

Trufflepatch last

Arena Edit

Coliseum last

Mount Kingmore Edit

Kingmore last

Pay to Harvest Edit

These special structures behave similarly to Trees, but also have a cost for harvesting, and usually a correspondingly valuable reward.

Cave Edit

Cave market

Caravan Edit

Mg slots caravan last

Bog Edit

Bog last

Decor Edit

Purely decorative, produces nothing, cannot be Harvested.

Sky Bridge Edit

Sky bridge last
Quest: Sky Bridge Overhead

King's Spring Edit

Kingsspring last

Crop Circle Edit

Crop circle last

Liberty Statue Edit

LibertyLion last

Track and Field Edit

Track last

Lost Sundial Edit

Lostsundial last

Vulture Volcano Edit

Volcano last

Mud Pool Edit

Mudpool last

Swimming Hole Edit

Swimhole last

Practice Zone Edit

Practicezone last

Playground Edit

Playground last

Swingset Edit

Swingset last

Horseshoe Statue Edit

Horseshoe statue last


Welcome Bureau Edit

Welcomebureau last