Here you can find an alphabetized list of all known Regular Quest Series. To quickly and easily find what you're looking for, you can search the list by Series Title or Structure with the Find function (Ctrl + F). This will automatically search the entire page to find and highlight all instances of the keyword entered. Note that, with the exception of Single Quests, individual Quest titles are not included on this page.

For the purposes of this list, as well as elsewhere on the Wiki, the term "Quest Series" is used to distinguish a set of quests (or steps) that progress from one to the next. In game, each quest in a Series has its own title, but they are numbered and collected under a single Series Title. "Single Quests," on the other hand, only have one quest (or step) and title, and are not numbered in game.

Format wise, Italicized titles are the final Quest Series in their Branch of the Quest Tree - TEMP. That is, they open no further Series or Singles upon completion. Series that create Quest Structures have the title followed by the Structure's name in Bold.

Note that not all Quest Series may be listed, as new Series are frequently added to the game. Additionally, some of the listed Quest Series may have been removed from current gameplay. Any further details on each Series can be found on that Series' page as linked.

As the Wiki is currently in-progress, not all Series pages will have complete, or any, information at this time. Series that need basic information added or clarified in order to assist with organization are noted with "??". A lack of question marks does not indicate the Series' Page is complete.

Codes for editors:

  • ?? = Information/clarification needed
    • Series with ?? preceeding other codes need to have basic organizational information added or clarified. This will usually be for the Level a Series is unlocked at, the Series's current status (Obsolete or current), or what kind of Series it is (some Limited Edition Quest Series may have been mistaken as being a Regular Quest Series).
  • FE = Facebook Exclusive
    • These Series are accessible only by having your game account connected with a Facebook account, and typically requires having 5 Facebook Friends as Neighbors.
  • LV# = Level #
    • Level Based Series/Singles are activated by gaining certain Experience Levels. They are noted as such here only if there are no additional requirements for activation. They are usually not connected to the Quest Tree. To our knowledge, this applies to most, if not all, newly added Regular Quest Series fall into this category. As such, they are automatically assumed to be stand-alones. If the Level is unknown, it will be noted with "??" and a #, and will include an estimated Level if one can be reasonably assumed.
  • LV#B = Level # Branch
    • Upon completion, some Level Based Series/Singles will activate further Series/Singles, thus creating a something a Branch (basically, a really small Quest Tree). These are usually not connected to the Quest Tree, but are specially noted since they are connected to other Series/Singles.
  • QT = Quest Tree
    • These Series/Singles take place within the Quest Tree, or are a part of the Snowy or Spooky Quest Trees that takes place in the Village/Dark Forest.
  • SA, SN, and SP= Sandy, Snowy, and Spooky
    • These Series/Singles take place in the Sandy, Snowy, or Spooky locations. All three locations have their own quest trees, but if a Series/Single that stems from either the Snowy or Spooky Quest Trees takes place in the Village/Dark Forest, it is simply noted as QT. The Sandy Quest Tree stems from a Level Based Series, and is entirely seperate from the Main Quest Tree.
  • OB = Obsolete
    • These Series/Singles are, to our knowledge, no longer accessible in the current gameplay. They are noted with "??"s until we can confirm with Kiwi that they are Obsolete Regular Quest Series, as opposed to simply being expired LEQS.

























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