Tapjoy is a referral service that Kiwi uses to generate revenue, while allowing customers to obtain free Coins, Cheer, Gold and Axes. When a customer selects the "Free" option when shopping for Resources, they will be brought to a selection of Tapjoy offers. These offers require either the download and execution of an App, an online registration or survey, or some purchase. After the task has been completed, the user will receive the noted reward the next time they visit their Village.

Regardless of which Resource you want to earn, the offers will be the same (although sometimes in a different order). The amount of Resources you can earn differ according to the value of the offer, and which Resource you want.

The following table shows each Resource's relative worth when completing offers in Tapjoy.

Resource Ratio
Coins 1:1500
Cheer 1:1200
Gold 1:8
Axes 1:5