Quest Requirements: The Bakery

Given after: Phase 3 of Thistle While You Work

This Quest builds the Kitchen, one of the Craftworks. Often, one Phase of a Quest will require an item produced by the Kitchen, and that item will require Wild Honey. Much of your Wild Honey production will go into the making of Tea Muffins, without which you cannot produce the Warrior Bar, Lucky Juice, Box of Sweets, or Bouquet of Flowers. Far too many of your longer Quests will stall while waiting for you to produce one of these items.

The Kitchen can be completed as soon as you receive the first Honey Bun from the Bakery. However, Tea Muffins cannot be made without a Tea Bag, and these come from the Grocery, which cannot be built until you reach Experience Level 15. So delay this Quest until you are at Level 15, have built a Grocery or two, and are waiting for your first Tea Bag.

Great IdeasEdit

  • Build the Kitchen
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Cost: 1700


  • Finish the Kitchen
  • Requires: a Honey Bun (from the Bakery)

First TasteEdit

  • Make 5 Talisman Cookies
  • Time: 25 minutes
  • Hint: Make 1 more Talisman Cookie and you can upgrade the Kitchen to Level 2