Quest Requirements: 1 Axe

Given after: Security Check

So you've just started the game and are eager to chew through Quests as fast as you can, and at last you have three Quests to choose from at the same time. Hold your horses! All Quests are not created equal. This one seems harmless enough: Plant two orange trees. What could possibly go wrong? With orange trees - nothing. But as soon as Phase 1 is completed, you will be given your first totally useless and frustrating Quest by the game: Harvest Haul. It will cost you 2 Axes to discover an item that will sit unloved for the next umpteen days while you struggle to meet all the requirements for Phase 3 of that Quest.

And so it goes with most other Quests you will receive as a result of completing this one. It is simply too early in the game for them. So resist the urge and don't even start on Phase 1. Just build a Marketplace soon after you receive this Quest, but that is all. At worst, you may find your Wood in short supply until this Quest is completed, but that shouldn't matter until later in the game, when it will make more sense to complete this Quest anyway.

Tea and Scones


Lighting the Spot

  • Place 2 Lanterns
  • Cost: 516

The Great Thistle

  • Search the Forest for Giant Thistle
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Cost: 2 Axes

Party Time

  • Harvest the Giant Thistle
  • Reward: 1 Axe